Starlight Captains are Keeping Kids Happy with Your Help

A few of us were lucky enough to get the chance to witness the magnificent work the Starlight Captains from the Starlight Children’s Foundation do with sick and injured children; the diversion therapies, the activities, the 24-hour TV production that’s beamed to bedsides, the games and facilities they have available and geared and manipulated to suit all ages and all stages of capabilities (not disabilities!).

All Captains are qualified or talented performers, artists, musicians, technicians, social workers, comedians and so on in their own right, and many have professions outside the Starlight Foundation that lend them flexible work hours to accommodate these activities. 


All bring something unique and special to the requirements of these children, their parents, their siblings and families who are all affected by the many debilitating accidents, illnesses and diseases that have affected so many children. 

The brief relief, the happy therapy, the distraction from the unfairness of their illnesses and the rebuilding of these children’s spirit is immeasurable and we are so proud to be able to contribute to their continued efforts. 

Your purchase of Starfire product increases this donation each month, so please be assured that every cent you spend on your tyres does make a real difference in a child’s life. Thank you from all of us here at Starfire Tires – you’re helping us help them!