"Outstanding performance, wet weather handling and long life. A tyre that ticks all the boxes - I'm impressed!"

"I have just fitted my second set of Starfire RS-R 1.0 tyres to my car (Audi A4-Quattro).

Being a keen driver, I keep using these tyres because I want to have a tyre which maximises my car's handling and performance. I am astounded at just how well the Starfires maintain traction around corners, even in wet and poor weather conditions! They also have low road noise, but what impressed me even more is that I was able to get over 50,000kms from them, which is totally unreal for a set of performance tyres.

A big thank you to the team at Starfire Tires for providing such a high quality product!"

Rick Bolliger - Audi A4 Driver - Brisbane, QLD

"For value for money Starfire Tires beats them all"

"Just a quick note to let you know my impression on the Starfire Tires. WOW, what a tyre!
I own and operate a taxi here in Carins and as you can understand, our driving conditions vary greatly, from torrential rain to sticky tropical heat. I have just worn out my first set of Starfires and will certainly be putting them on again.
I have tried several well-known brands over time, including Michelin at $220 ea – 70000 klm’s and Toyo $120 ea – 25000 klm’s, but for value for money Starfire beats them all at $90 ea and 50000 klm’s. I could buy 2 sets of Starfires and get more mileage than the best I have achieved from any other tyre and have change in my pocket."
Jim Craig - Taxi Owner - Cairns, QLD

"We have several customers that have surpassed the mileage achieved by more well known and expensive brands"

"Just a quick note to give my thoughts on the Starfire Tires that I have been selling for the last 3 months. These tyres would have to be one of the best finished tyres I have seen out of Asia. When balancing these tyres we are finding that they require very little if any weight at all. Also the uniformity of each tyre is second to none.

We have several customers that have surpassed the mileage achieved by more well known and expensive brands. And still have more to go."

Bill Hill - Proprietor, Kilcoy/Woodford Tyrepower, QLD

"It is nice when you know you are selling good product"

"I just thought I would let you know how the new Starfire tyres are going. We have now moved the majority of our purchases of other tyres in the similar price category to Starfire Tires, and the reason is simply the quality of Starfire tyres.

The most common customer complaint we get is wheel balance.  I have now sold hundreds of Starfire tyres and only twice in the entire time has one of my fitters come to me to say the tyre needed fitting to the rear because of runout, and even those tyres were not bad enough to remove.  It is nice when you know you are selling good product!

Good to see a good quality Asian brand tyre from day one."

Robert Muller - Proprietor, Rising Sun Tyre & Alignment, Townsville, QLD